The evenings are getting darker, winter is on it’s way and there are lots of reasons for feeling down. BUT Jesus wants to Shine His Light on us and give us hope!
Join us during ‘Shine Your Light’ week as we celebrate the light we’ve been given which can dispel the darkness and give hope to those around us and in our community.

Ways to Shine Your Light

  • Display a bible verse in your front window
  • Leave a light shining in your window
  • Cook a meal for a family in need
  • Offer to babysit to allow a couple an evening out (within Covid guidelines)
  • Put a laminated scripture on your letter box for the postman to read every time he/she delivers
  • Put a laminated scripture on your bins for the refuse collectors to read every time they pick up
  • Contact a friend you haven’t spoken to in a while
  • Encourage someone by sending a card or message
  • Pay for your parking ticket and get an extra one for the person behind you
  • Buy a coffee for someone having to stay outdoors
  • Ask people you come into contact with during the day how you can pray for them
  • Drop an unexpected gift round to a neighbour

2020/10/31 18:00:00