The Next Move is about creating a journey towards flourishing.

We believe if we stand still we move backwards or become stale.

Our Next Move programme helps us achieve our vision to see people flourish in their relationship with Jesus Christ.

Built around four simple steps (Know, Grow, Discover and Impact). We believe these will help you achieve God’s plan for growth and movement in your life.


Knowing God allows us to love him and others. This is why ‘know’ is the beginning of the journey to flourishing.


Our spiritual growth is rooted in one person only and that is Jesus Christ. We measure this by asking a simple question, are we becoming more like Jesus?


God has given all of us natural talents. We have all acquired certain skills and everyone in Christ has access to spiritual gifts. Discover is about knowing and growing in our talents, skills and gifting and then using them to serve others.


Impact enables us to take our knowledge of God, growth in Christ and understanding of abilities and use them to make a difference in the wider community and church.