Reflecting on the year 2021 it has still been a time with uncertainty in the world and the pandemic is still not quite past us yet.

The New York Times reports that over 4.2 billion people in the world have been at least partially vaccinated with one dose, which I think is a monumental achievement not just in terms of medical science and healthcare but in terms of global collaboration to make this possible. Remember, research into the vaccine only began in 2020 so to have gotten this far in 2021 is nothing short of a miracle. I am thankful to God that he is with us through times like these when we need him the most and to all the people on the front lines working hard to keep everyone safe.

It has been great this year to be able to have social gatherings and have fellowship at house group again, it makes such a difference to see people’s faces. In August, I went to a music festival with a friend. It did feel bizarre at first to be amongst thousands of people, nevertheless I had a great time and saw some really good bands.

Ollie Atkins