I would like to thank God for his travel mercies, (doing  over 7000 miles round journey )  I had a very challenging journey this year in May when I went to Africa, but God was always with me throughout. I got stuck there for two months as I needed to raise almost £2000 to pay for the quarantine hotel before I could be allowed to return to the UK, I was so stressed, depressed and really hopeless, … I prayed and somehow I managed to raise that money , people whom I didn’t expect to give me money, gave me money, and for that I am thankful to God that he made way where there was No way.

I also want to thank him for protecting me and my family while we were separated,  and for the good school results my daughters achieved, may he praised forever.
Thankyou. I can say  alot more, as everyday has got it’s own testimony for me, but for now let me stop here.
Justin Manga