So, what is insight? This feels like a conversation I’ve had a lot! As an English teacher, I often have to encourage my older students to demonstrate their understanding in a deeper way. For example, not just thinking about what’s happening in a text but why? What does the writer want us to get from this? Be insightful!

This works in the same way when we read the Word of God; if we’re going to get the best from the experience, we need to look for the same insight. Personally, I think God would like us to ask that question more often – “What do you want me to learn from this, Lord? Help me to see this through your eyes.”

I guess it all depends how open we are to listening. I don’t know about you but more often than not I can miss God’s message in what I’m experiencing. In fact there are times when my spiritual ear defenders are firmly planted on my head and they ain’t coming off until I’m good and ready! The beauty of our relationship with God however, is that this is grace. That fact that God will wait patiently to reveal His truth when our hearts are truly open and the time is perfect for us, is a mystery to me that I am oh so very grateful for time and time again. What a Father!

I recently went to the Colour conference in London, hosted by the Hillsong Church, with an expectant heart, wondering what insights the Lord might want to reveal to me. What amazed me was that whilst He did not let me down and spoke directly into a personally difficult and painful situation, the overriding insight I received was that of His Love.

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I shouldn’t be surprised that He didn’t seem to want me to make copious notes of plans that he wanted me to action immediately but that He simply wanted me to be present in that moment; to listen, to worship, to bask in the gentle revelations of the Holy Spirit by His almighty grace and by doing so, I am able see my situation in a different light – He dropped some insight into my heart.

So, what’s your insight? Our prayer is that this post will do the same for you. The purpose of it is not to impress upon you one personal insight although that may be a part of it, but for you to be present when thinking, ‘Lord, what might this mean for me?’ It probably won’t be the same insight – after all, we’re all very different (praise God) but that what you need to hear the most will be dropped into your heart at the perfect time for you, and you will see a clearer view of God through the truths that He reveals.