For reasons good and bad, there are sometimes things that are etched on our minds forever. I’ll never forget for example, one of the most complicated A level History lessons I’d ever encountered. Our teacher was trying to help us understand that whilst history is fundamentally factual, how one remembers it is entirely down to what he called, their ‘ideological predisposition’. Yep… that’s what we thought too.

As he unpicked his point, he taught us that due to a person’s viewpoint, that event in history may be remembered in an entirely different way from how someone else saw it. Obvious really when you think about it but it’s sometimes important to acknowledge that fact that this viewpoint is made up of a number of factors; often our upbringing, family life, background and education all play a part in this as well as where we live, the communities around us and some of the choices we make. These can all contribute to our perspective on things because experience varies for many of us and is impacted by the people in our lives. They are all variables that shape how we see the world.

When it comes to God however, there really are no variables. The Bible tells us in Hebrews 13 v 8 that, ‘Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever.’ His nature does not change nor does His perspective. He is not swayed by situations that can knock us for six. He does not love us less when we mess up. His compassion does not wain when we are sick or hurting and His joy over us is steadfast. ALL the time. God is God and remains the same. And within this, there is love, mercy and grace for all – incredible.

Wouldn’t it be amazing to buy in to this and have just an ounce of His perspective? I know personally that the more I focus on God and seek His face, the more ‘steady’ I become – I’m sure this is something we can all relate to. We need this perspective all the more in the times in which we’re living too don’t we. Things continuously challenge us and our way of thinking and rather than allowing these situations to skew our perspective, we need to look at how God sees it. So, as we press on in to this next season as a church community, let’s explore more of what God’s perspective is and know that as we lean in to His unwavering vantage point, we will surely learn much and be changed for the better.